Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Monday, February 05, 2007

A New School Year

Well its been about three weeks into my school year out here at Prairie.

The start of this semester was kind of rough. I bought a new laptop over break, the first thing that happened back here is I slipped and fell with it, and wrecked the hard drive. Lost all my Music all forty gig of it. equaling twenty-thousand some odd songs, which is a year and 8 days of non stop music. That was kind of annoying.

This semester I am taking four courses.


Introduction to Writing and Research with Adam Barkman if anyone knows anything about English grammar its this chap. I never knew that English was so complicated. Probably the most confusing class thus far. although among the most interesting.

Spiritual Formation and the Church with Steve Ibbotson

Advanced Computer program usage with Steve Ibbotson this guy is amazing how he is able to transition between to completely different types of classes and be ready to fully teach either class to its full potential.


Introduction to Psychology with Kevin Peters who is an awesome prof always has a good joke lying about to start the class of with, then a mind boggler for the end of class. By far the best thing about him is he loves what he is doing and he shows it.