Monday, November 20, 2006

Okay so I am a week past reading break.

I spent my past week writing and rewriting papers.

I am currently finishing up a paper on, "women in church ministry".

Papers are not my most favourite thing to write in the world.

But I found this one interesting. People have such different views on this subject.

I would love to hear some of your views.

If you have the time email me at and answer the question.

Do you think women should be involved in church ministry? Why or Why Not?

Should they be in Lead pastor roles? Why or Why Not?

answer any other questions you can think of...

I have written some book reports so far. A paper on Paul's Christology, and a paper on Pre-Maritial Sex. Some interesting topics to write on. If your interested in reading my findings send me an email and I will you a copy of the paper.

Sheep 1 Me 0...

Well I am safely back from reading break and such.

Sheep tagging is something I never expected to do. Yet I assisted or at least tried to assist tag the sheep. What you have to do is sort of pin the sheep than hold it still as it gets its ear tag. I am still unsure of how to do it. I had a lot of trouble trying to get those sheep on the ground or pinning them.

So I ended up standing on the side keeping them from going out through chute.
Fine rancher I would make. Cant even beat a little ol' sheep. Anyway that was my weekend experience with sheep.

Monday, November 06, 2006


OK There are a lot rumors going around!!

I will not name names here. But I was asked by a couple people who I got married to (MIKEandANGE). Do not believe all your sources, I am not married. If anyone knows otherwise please inform me, and let me know who to.

Being left in the Dark is rather unfair in situations like this.

To answer the question people have asked my mother {Yes I still talk with my parents some times...} or emailed me.

Did he find anyone?

If referring to other people.
Well sure I guess I found 400 people I have never met before and counting.

If referring to a girlfriend or something like that.
Defiantly not as such yet.

Do you have anyone special?

Of course who doesn't.

Who are your friends?

I have friends???? really....

What do you spend the most time doing?
What do you do to pass the time?

What do you do for fun?


What do you have the most fun doing?

homework... No wait um... uh.....


Email any other questions to me I will answer them eventually.

Internet?? Whats That???

The Internet....
A sometimes useful item...

Makes it self even more usful when writing papers, and figuring out what else profs would like done or suggest that you read. Spending a whole weekend trying to get a signal strong enough to use is not fun at all. Now that staff in the technologies department are back on campus, after a weekend of no internet. The system is now finally reset, I can finally use the internet again!!!

Otherwise I had a fairly productive weekend. Finished all my non-internet based homework.
I am now just starting my internet based homwork. Updates to come later...