Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Are you a smoker?

Our products have been specially designed to increase the effects of tobacco on you and the people around you.

Are you still a non-smoker?

Our products allow you to experience the effects of tobacco without inhaling a single puff of smoke!

A team of experts from Nicomarket have used their extensive knowledge and passion for tobacco to create this exciting range of products, including toothpaste, face cream, throat spray and diffuser air fresheners.

For more information and commercials on this break through product please visit Nicomarket and enjoy the benefits of the Nicotine. I know I tried it and look at me.

I am amazed at the results.

this entire post referring to the writer is completely false please see and enjoy the commercials they have to share.

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canadianpup said...

why whould someone spend so much time... JUST TO MAKE FUN OF TABACCO? lol. but im glad they did. its pretty funny! ;-)